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Year 1

Orwell Boat Trip

Year 1 and 2 had a fantastic day out on the river. We saw lots of wildlife, landmarks, other boats and much more. The rain stayed away and the children learnt so much whilst having a great time. Many thanks to all the adults who helped and to all the people along the river who put up with us waving at them.

Share afternoon

We had a great time at our share afternoon painting the alien masks. 

Measuring Time

Year 1 have been studying measurement this week. Today we were using the timers to record how quickly teams could complete their races.

Spellings 19/05/17

Human Fractions 04/05/17


Learning about fractions on the playground. We got into groups and split up into a half or a quarter, it proved to be quite a challenge!

Spellings 05/05/17

Spellings 28/04/17

Summer Newsletter

Space junk modelling 27th April

Your recycling was put to good use today as we made our spaceships.

Spellings 31/03/17

The Stations of The Cross

Key Stage 1 went to church today to look at the stations of the Cross.

24/03/17  Measuring Capacity

Year 1 went outside this morning to learn about capacity. The children raced to fill the cups full, half-full and quarter full. 

Spellings 24/03/17

Fun Run for Mary's Meals

Well done to all the children who competed in our fundraising event this morning. We let the children count the laps they ran with some claiming to have completed over 2,000 (the equivalent of running from London to Manchester) although 15 was the average. It is a fantastic cause and we all had  a great time. Don't forget to join us for the cake sale next week when we will be aiming to sell over 2 billion buns!

Spellings 17/03/17

Our new text is 'The storm Whale' by Benji Davies. After a storm, we left the classroom to find a whale on the sand along with many stones that we have adopted.

Homework and Spellings 10th March

Lenten Service. Tuesday 7th March

Spellings 03/03/17

Writing Lent promises

Spellings 24/02/17

Spellings 10/02/17

Baptism at the church

Homework and Spellings 03/02/17

01/02/17 Finding Half

Sharing out blocks to find half of a given number.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10

Spellings 27/01/17

Jellyfish Poems

Inspired by Michael Rosen we wrote our own jellyfish poems. Here some children are reciting for the class.

Poetry Corner

spellings and homework 20/01/17

Year 1 newsletter

Spelling and homework 13/01/17


We went on a number hunt around the classroom. When we found a number we had to decide whether it was odd or even using the blocks.

Odd and Even number work

Spellings 06/01/17

Spellings 16/12/16

Homework and Spellings 02/12/16

Homework and Spellings 25/11/16

'We Are One' afternoon 18th November

Homework and spellings 18/11/2016

Homework and spellings 04/11/16

We are reading

We are reading 1
We retold the story of Little Red Riding Hood in groups. Each group then performed for the whole class.

Performing 'Little Red Riding Hood'

Spellings and Homework 14/10/16

Year 1 assembly

Year 1 assembly 1
Year 1 assembly 2
Year 1 assembly 3
Year 1 assembly 4

Writing algorithms

Writing algorithms 1
Writing algorithms 2
Writing algorithms 3
The class were learning what an algorithm is and using these sets of instructions to move a beebot around a grid.

Homework and Spellings

Homework and spellings

We are reading...

We are reading... 1
There has been a lot of fantastic imaginative play in Year 1. Decorating and manipulating the boxes, in all sorts of ways, helps build our vocabulary and allows us to create a narrative to our play. Having said this, sorry for all the paint on shirts, dresses, trousers and jumpers. 

Homework and spellings 23rd September

16/09/16 Spellings and Homework

Working with charcoal

We have been reading the book 'Owl Babies' by Martin Wadell. We imagined being an owl alone in a dark wood, what would you see? How might you feel? We then used charcoal to draw some illustrations. It did get a little bit messy!
Spellings and homework 09/09/16

Meet the team

Meet the team 1 Gregory (Maths Dog)
Meet the team 2 Daisy (Phonics Bear)
Meet the team 3 Enno (Worry Eater)