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Year 2




The children have been very busy over the last few weeks.


In Maths, our focus has been on shapes.  We are now experts on 2D and 3D shapes and can tell you all about vertices, edges, faces and lines of symmetry.  We have also looked at right angles and went on a hunt around the classroom using our right angle munchers!



Right angle hunt using our right angle munchers

Making 2D shapes using elastic


In Literacy, we completed our work on Lila and have now started work on a new book called 'The Bee Who Spoke'.  Belle lives in Paris and we will be learning about the city in Geography.  We will also be creating fact files on bees, amongst the many wonderful writing opportunities.


In Science, we have moved onto Plants.  This week we planted French beans to help our learning come to life.


We have so much to do over the coming weeks.  It's going to be lots of fun!




A busy week in Year 2...


In Maths, we started work on statistics.  We had lots of fun collecting data on our favourite colours and then our pets using tally charts.  It got trickier when we had to represent the data as block graphs and pictograms.  To show we really understood, we then had to ask and answer questions about the data.  Great work Year 2 - you all did very well.

Collecting Data


In Literacy, we learned all about non-chronological reports.  We planned our work and then wrote fabulous reports all about African animals.  


In our Topic lesson this week, we found out about the Maasai people.  After learning all about the people and their culture, including watching a video showing the jumping dance, we made necklaces in the style of the Maasai.  The children had to show repeating patterns in their design and then they had to thread beads and attach them to the necklace.  What a creative group of children Year 2 are.  They all look wonderful.

Making Necklaces in the style of the Maasai


The class teachers have put together lists of recommended reads for the year group that they teach.  Please see below a list of books we recommend for Year 2.  If you are interested in slightly easier books or books that prove more challenging, please don't hesitate to look at the recommended reading lists on the Year 1 and Year 3 class pages.  Happy reading!



Another wonderful week of learning in Year 2.


At the beginning of the week we had 2 sessions of tennis with Matthew the coach.  I was very proud of the children's focus and determination as they worked hard on developing their skills.  Great work year 2!


On Wednesday, Katie from Colchester Zoo came to visit and taught us lots about African animals.  She bought a variety of objects for us to look at including animal furs (that had illegally been brought into the UK and are now used to educate) skulls and bones.  The children are now preparing to write fact files about African animals and I can't wait to read them.

Learning about African Animals


Welcome to our Year 2 Class Page!


This will be updated regularly with what Year 2 are doing in school.  There will be lots of photos of your children during their lessons as well as some examples of the work they have done.  We hope you find it interesting and useful.  


The first week back in the Spring Term was as busy as ever!  In Maths, the children have been learning all about division.  What an amazing class of mathematicians Year 2 are.  Take a look at some of the practical work we started the week off with.

Learning to Divide


Our topic this term is Kenya.  In Geography, we found out where Kenya is in the world.  Using what we already know about the continents and oceans, the children were able to colour in the correct continent and name it.  After looking at some maps of Kenya, the children could also name and label some places on their own maps, including the capital city, the largest city, the closest ocean and a mountain.  

Learning about Kenya using maps


This term, Miss Mudd will be teaching Science to Year 2.  I have told her what a fabulous, inquiring group of scientists the class are and she can't wait to teach them over the next few weeks.


The children started their new topic in science of 'Animals, including Humans' by doing some classification work.  Great start Year 2.

Picture 1
Please see below a copy of the words your children should be able to spell by the end of Year 2.  We cover them all as part of our weekly spellings and during phonics and handwriting lessons but any extra practice you can do at home is greatly appreciated.










Spring term news

Year 2 Pirate Morning

Thanks to all who came to our share morning today. I think the children had a brilliant time and it is always fantastic to see the children's families sharing their learning. 

Performing Poetry 30/10

Today we wrote some poems based on 'The Rhythm of Life' by Michael Rosen.