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Welcome back!

Below is a link to a digestion experiment, as promised. And as promised, it is a bit yucky!

This is great to do, if you can. Please take some pictures and either email them into school or send some prints in with your child.


I look forward to seeing your results. Have fun!


Welcome to the Year 4 page! 



Summer Term 1 - Newsletter

Learning French in Year 4


This term Year 4 will be learning to talk about and write descriptions of themselves and others as well as the activities they do. We will also be studying and discussing Europe and our own diverse community. The children will assess one another and themselves using the 'Can do statements' from the Languages Ladder.

Autumn 1 Learn It - Number Bonds to 100

Autumn 2 Learn It - Adding and subtracting 1, 10, 100 and 1000.

Spring 1 Learn It - Converting m to km

Spring 2 Learn It - Changing fractions to decimals

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