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Mr. Cook runs a very popular Code Club on Thursday afternoons...

Statement of intent:


In the ever changing and developing technological world in which we live, it is imperative that children receive a high-quality computing education. Children need to be digitally literate; able to express their ideas and manage themselves in a digital world.


In a world where technology changes rapidly – where programs/software become obsolete in a matter of years – equipping children with computing skills (programming, debugging, systematic problem solving) that transcend the technology is vital.


The subject leader for Computing is Mr. Cook.

Threshold Concepts



Threshold concepts are the ‘big ideas’ that shape students’ thinking within each subject. The same threshold concepts will be explored in every year group and students will gradually increase their understanding of them.


  • Code

    This concept involves developing an understanding of instructions, logic and sequences.

  • Connect

    This concept involves developing an understanding of how to safely connect with others.

  • Communicate

    This concept involves using apps to communicate one’s ideas.

  • Collect

    This concept involves developing an understanding of databases and their uses.

Our workshops at BT Adastral Park

Online Safety

Be Share Aware - NSPCC & O2

Useful Computing resources: