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Car Parking

We have received complaints from local residents about some of our parents ‘inconsiderate’ parking on the private area of the St Mary’s housing development at drop off and pick up times. We have been informed about some parents being extremely rude to residents when challenged about this. We understand photographs have been taken of the offending vehicles, number plates noted and that the Management Company has been asked to take ‘firm action’ against people parking illegally. So please be warned.


  1. are extremely fortunate to have a parents’ car park and permission from the Parish to use the church car park.


So, if you bring your child/children to school by car, please park promptly, safely and legally at all times to avoid:

  • causing any delays and unnecessary disruption to our neighbours
  • traffic backing up onto St Mary’s Road
  • safety issues for the children

Please do not:

  • park on the yellow lines in the car park
  • leave your car engine running
  • park in, or in front of, the staff car park or in the disabled space

Thank you, Mrs Sandvig