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Parental Consultations - Outcomes


The recommendation of the Whole Governing Body was that the Nursery class should be closed due to budget restrictions. The parental consultation closed on March 3rd 2017. Families who had made applications for entry September 2017 were also consulted.


The information was sent to the Local Authority and the Diocese for their comments.


There were 11 responses to the parental consultation. All understood the reasons for the closure and expressed sadness. There were no responses which stated the nursery should be kept open. The Diocese have confirmed that they, too, support the closure and understand the reasons.


The Nursery will therefore close at the end of this academic year.



There were 68 responses to the parental uniform questionnaire.


59 of the responses were supportive of the proposed changes. 3 responses stated they would prefer the existing uniform to stay.

There was also feedback regarding the summer dress, which was proposed to be just for YR and Y1. Parents would like this to be kept as an option throughout the school.


The change to a v-necked sweater had 24 positive responses. This does not take into account the people who were generally positive overall. The concerns were regarding price and quality. 4 people wanted to keep the sweatshirt.


10 parents welcomed the move to a non-logo polo shirt as it would save money. (Again, this does not take into account those people who were generally positive overall.) 3 wanted to keep the logo. 1 parent felt that the shirt and tie option for KS2 boys in summer was too hot.


Girls wearing trousers was seen as a positive by 7 parents (Again, this does not take into account those people who were generally positive overall.) Most comments were about the appropriateness of this for KS2.


Conclusion: There is overwhelming support for the significant majority of the proposed changes. The recommendation is therefore to phase in the proposed changes from January 2018 through the rest of the 17-18 academic year with it becoming compulsory in September 2018. Summer term 2017 will be spent sourcing the jumpers and ensuring quality.

The complete uniform specification will be available in September 2017.


Wraparound Care

87 responses were received. (27 of which did not need any kind of out-of-hours provision)


The results appear to show a need for some kind of breakfast provision – with 22 responders saying that they would be ‘very likely’ to take up the offer for Mon-Fri term-time only. 20 responders also wished for after-school provision during term time. However, there is insufficient space available in the school.


The hall is used for sports clubs which run before and after school as there has to be a contingency for wet weather. As the children in Reception Class in September 2017 will move to the Nursery, this only leaves the current Reception class as available space. This does not have the facilities needed for provision of out-of-hours care. It is too small for the breakfast needs and inappropriate for after-school provision (which would have to be managed by an outside provider).


The school will therefore be unable to offer wraparound care for the near future. This will be reviewed annually by the Whole Governing Body.

However, as parents, you have the right to request wraparound childcare from the school your child attends. This includes breakfast clubs, afterschool care and during the school holidays.


St Mary’s is currently unable to offer wraparound care due to space and cost. However, you still have the right to put in a request.

This is how St Mary’s will be dealing with that right to request:

  • All requests from parents for wraparound care should be submitted in writing between Nov 1 and Dec 31 of any year. This annual review window will enable us to plan what provision might be available for the following financial year if our situation changes.
  • A minimum number of 25 requests would be needed to initiate a review of that provision. Financially, school budgets are continually being squeezed and so any provision – from the school or provided by an outside agency – would have to be a viable and sustainable concern.
  • Any external organisations wishing to offer childcare provision within the school premises should also make applications between Nov 1 and Dec 31 of any year.
  • Any requests for wraparound care will be collated and parents / providers informed within 8 working weeks.


If you have any further questions, please speak with Mrs Sandvig.