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Roman Day for Year 3


Year 3 had a fantastic time on Friday 5th May enjoying their Roman Day.

Everyone made a great effort to dress the part and looked amazing.


During the day we brought together our learning about Roman life with numeracy using Roman numerals, persuasive writing to make a glossy magazine supplement of Roman clothing adverts, and creative design and technology to make a stitched bag (bulla) inspired by the bags worn by Roman children to keep their treasures in. We had a feast of salad, fruit, bread and dips, washed down by some mulsum to drink (non-alcoholic of course!). We made tesserae (dice) from the net of a cube and learned to play a Roman board game.


Well done everyone for getting into the spirit so well - and special thanks to the Roman gods Mars and Jupiter for making a special appearance in Year 3! Please note that all slaves were freed at the end of the day and are now full Roman citizens.