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St Mary's Market Place

We have been lucky enough to win a bid from Suffolk County Council to run a Life Skills Programme for a selected number of pupils at St Mary’s.  We have named the programme ‘St Mary’s Market Place’. The aim of the programme is to promote ‘Learning by Doing’ and develop the essential life skills of the children, including raising confidence, self-esteem, and resilience, as well as building a range of practical skills.

The children taking part will have the chance experience a range of workshops, which may include some of the following: furniture upcycling, sewing, drama, bike maintenance, cooking, gardening, photography.

At the end of the project the children will run a workshop for the rest of the school to show case their results and knowledge, as well as, run a pop-up shop at the summer fair to sell their products.

The project so far…

The school has been able to purchase some sewing machines and materials and have so far produced cushion covers, aprons, bean bags.  The children have been so enthusiastic!

Last week the children made pancakes to share with the school on Shrove Tuesday and should also have some home (or school!) made fudge on sale on the playground. A sweet treat before Lent.