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Sports Premium

Swimming information 2017-18

25 metres - 83.33%

25% of Year 6 use a range of strokes effectively 

PSA (Personal Safety Achievement) - nil



Funding received for 2017 / 2018 £17,810


Sustainability for Sports Premium


In order to insure sustainability, each class teacher works alongside the sports coach and their own class for half a term. This enables them to experience good practice and to maintain/enhance their skills.

PD days and staff meetings have been allocated to update staff on new safety guidelines and the Year 6 teacher’s work with Dance East. The dance was through a workshop with all information stored on the school server for future reference and new staff.

Links with EBAT tennis and Piper’s Vale have been established to give pupils and staff access to local clubs. EBAT tennis provided two days of sessions and Years 1 – 6 attended Piper’s Vale for karate and gymnastics sessions.

The school is a member of the Schools Games Partnership which along with competitions for the pupils, CPD is offered. Three members of staff attended a gymnastics course with Andy Wood. Mindfulness through movement, cricket and netball was attended by teaching staff and teaching assistants. Sports Premium allows cover for these staff to be able to attend as well as the fees fpr the course.

Our Play Leader has a rotating team of pupils who set up the lunchtime activities which now includes ‘The Golden Mile’.


All staff assist with attending fixtures or covering for clubs, it is not just the job of the sports coach and PE Co–ordinator. This ensures that if a member of staff leaves or is ill, the events can still go ahead.