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Home Learning

Week 2

To Year 3,


I hope you are keeping well! You are in my thoughts and you are very missed.


See below your activities for the week. Remember - these activities are optional! If they are too challenging, don't worry! I'd rather you keep your mind active by taking on a project, being creative and making something, researching something that is interesting to you or mastering a new skill.


Remember to read, practise some of those times-tables and spellings and get a good deal of exercise every day. A bit of writing every day would be great, too! Most importantly, be kind to your family. Aim to do one random act of kindness every day. 


If you'd like to share any work, please email the school and I'll see everything you send in! Do keep in touch! 


Best wishes, 

Mr Cook


Maths for the week ahead

Aim to complete a lesson from the website below a day! There are video guides to help you through the activities. Please start on Week 1!


Week 1 


To Year 3,


I will be updating this page with activities for you to complete every day. If something is too tricky, don't stress! Everything I post here will be something we have covered in class at some point over the year.

I will also post a few extra resources (websites, videos, games), if you fancy a break or want something else to do.


Remember to read every day, practise your spellings and times-tables regularly. Exercise every day, even if it is only for 10/15 minutes. Be kind to your family. I am looking forward to seeing you again when we return to school. 


As I said on our last day at school, this isn't goodbye but 'See you later, alligators!'


Mr Cook

Monday 23rd March

See Parentmail with activities attached.



Practical ideas for 'Home learning'

Maths at home ideas

PE/Sport and Computing resources

Year 3/4 BIG Spelling list (Only practise a few a day!)



Mr Cook's book recommendations

December 2019

Questions you can use when reading with your child at home.

Learning French in Year 3

This term we will be learning how to greet one another, say our name, age and where we live. The children will also learn to recognise colours and the objects around them in class. They will be able to say and write phrases and sentences. We will also be studying and discussing Europe and our own diverse community. The children will assess one another and themselves using the 'Can do statements' from the Languages Ladder.