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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 2019-2020.

Keep checking in on updates on what we have been getting up to in class. 


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Summer Term

Week 10

Monday 29th June


Good Morning Year Six. Did you have a nice weekend? I did. I got to see some friends of mine which was lovely.


Today's plan is as follows:


Maths: WhiteRose Week 10. Lesson 1. Sheets are attached and the video is on the whiterose or bitesize website.


English: Think about the word Varmint. What does this word mean? Design your own Varmint and label it with its characteristics. Tomorrow we are going to use your Varmint to create a public health campaign. Not too dissimilar from the Covid 19 one.


Science: Classification Lesson 1. We are doing this today in school. Follow through the PowerPoint. We are going to to complete the activities then design a zoo for the animals planning where they would go based on classification.


Have a lovely day.

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.

Mrs D-N

Tuesday 30th June


Good morning Year Six. I hope you had a good day yesterday. We REALLY got into designing our zoos... So much so that we need to spend more time completing them. If you had a go, I'd love to see what yours looked like!


Today's plan is as follows:


Maths: Continuing with the Ratio theme today. Lesson 2. Sheets attached.


English: Using the Varmint you created yesterday, I would like you to imagine there has been an outbreak of these. How would you warn the public about their problem? Create a public health campaign leaflet advising people what to do to stay safe. Think about public health England and what it has produced for the virus outbreak. Presentation wise: think about your structure and headings use. Clear, factual language will be needed here.


Geography: Read through the Powerpoint. Look at the images and how you would sort them by Physical and Human features. Complete the research about Death Valley.


Have a lovely day!

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.

Mrs D-N

Wednesday 1st July


Wow. July aready. I CANNOT believe it! We had fun practising for Virtual Sports Day Yesterday. I hope you can join us next Tuesday from St Mary's Facebook page.


Today's plan is as follows:


Maths: Lesson 3 today. See how you get on. Sheets attached and videos can be found either on the white rose hub site or the BBC bitesize one.


Reading: Complete the reading comprehension for today. It seems every Wednesday is a comprehension day!


Computing: Work through the PowerPoint for today. Have a go at activity one. What did you find from searching these terms? Why is this?

Try out activity two. Why were the two searches the children did different? Which was the better search?

Answer the accompanying questions for both actitivites.


Have a great day.

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.

Mrs D-N

Thursday 2nd July


Good Morning Year Six, how are you feeling today? As you know, I am not keen on jokes (I don't really get them as I tend to overthink them and what they mean!) Well on Newsround yesterday, I was told that it was international joke day... (Yes you can imagine my need to turn off the show!) Do you have any good ones that can change my mind in the next two weeks? Out of any class I have ever had it is your class that has the most likelihood to convince me to like a joke!


Today's plan is as follows:


Maths: Lesson 4 today- Ratio problems... These always seem trickier than they are. I know that you wil put your brilliant maths skills into action!


English: Follow the link. This will take you to a YouTube animation from the book Varmints. How does the Varmint compare to your own? Watch the clip up to 5minutes 25 seconds. How has the start and up until this point changed? How does the animation reflect this change in tone? Just as we would do at school, I would like you to create a strip poem to reflect the sart of the clip up until the point of watching. Use words and phrases. We are sharing ours in school today if you want to send yours into school for us to read. Decorate your poem accordingly to reflect the words and phrases. Think back to your Shackleton poems, they were fab!


Creative: Please can you design your memory box. You may not intend on making one (that is fine) but if you do we can share them over our zoom call. In school some of the children have completed their designs and they really do vary. The design should reflect you and your interests. If I had to make a memory box, I would make mine book related and show some of favourite books and scenes from them on my box. We have sporty, musical and cartoon themed designs so far. Let me know if you want me to look at your design.


Have a lovely day. Remember if you want to drop me an email to say hi, I'd LOVE to hear from you. It has started by the way... Mrs D-N is getting sad at the thought of having to say goodbye. I did warn you...

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.

Mrs D-N

Friday 3rd July


Good morning Year Six. Another week nearly completed... Just two weeks left. I hope you have had a good week. I would like you to start the day by watching some famous musicians sing Times Like These. I want to share this on our zoom call if I can! Listen to the words. Why do you think this was chosen as a lockdown song?

Today's plan is as follows:


Maths: Head over to the Bitesize website for the Friday Challenge.


English: We haven't done these for a while. Have a go with at least one of the SPAG mats. There are more if you want to do more. 


P.S.H.E: This week in school we completed session 5 and 6. The video with the children is HILARIOUS! Follow the link and complete these sessions.


Have a lovely weekend.

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.

Mrs D-N

Week 9

Monday 22nd June


Good morning Year 6, did you have a lovely weekend? Welcome too Week 9 of the Summer term.  I am going to be ringing your parents this week. If you want to chat with me too, I would LOVE that.

Today's plan (if you wish to follow it) is as follows:


Maths: Week 9 Whiterose maths. Sheets and answers are attached.


English: I am setting all 5 tasks today for this as it is all on the one plan. Do one lesson per day. I will supplement each day with some extra SPAG and reading.



The Lake District is on my list pf places I want to visit. Have you been there? Complete the tasks and read the information by following the above link. Maybe you could point me in the direction of some spots to see and anything to do?


Have a great day Year Six.

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.

Mrs D-N

Tuesday 23rd June


Good morning Year Six. How are you doing today? What lovely weather we are having. I hope you are able to get out for a little bit to enjoy it. We devised some more PE games yesterday. Today we are going to work on bowling and fielding skills.


Today's plan is as follows:


Maths: Week 9 Lesson 2. Watch the video and complete the attached sheets.


English: Lesson 2 from the PDF I posted yesterday. There is also some SPAG attached looking at colons and semi-colons.


Art: I LOVE Andy Warhol and Kandinsky as artists. This lesson looks great fun. See what you come up with and email me any results. We definitely would have done something similar at school.


Have a lovely day Year Six. Lovely to talk to some of you on the phone yesterday.

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.

Mrs D-N

Wednesday 24th June


Good morning Year Six. How are you doing today? I sure needed an ice-cream when I got home... I was ready to melt! If you had to pick an ice-cream type or flavour what would it be? Messages on a postcard :)


Today's plan is as follows:


Maths: Week 9 Lesson 3. Sheets attached and the video on the whiterose website.


English: Lesson 3 of the set I posted Monday plus I have also included the reading comprehension we are looking at in class today. Have a read and let me know what you think about the topic.


Computing: We are doing this at school today. Work through the PowerPoint and use the attached sheet to help guide you to create your own paper website about the school as you know it. I'd love to see what you come up with. Who knows... you could give us ideas for our school website for real!


Have a lovely day and remember to keep active but in this lovely weather stay hydrated.

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.

Mrs D-N

Thursday 25th June


Good morning Year Six. It is getting warmer! We did our PE yesterday in the shade and then practised for the virtual Sports day on July 7th. I will be emailing your grownups with the list of activities that you can be doing at the same time as us!


Today's plan is as follows:


Maths: Lesson 4. Watch the video and complete the attached sheet.


English: Lesson 4 on the sheet from Monday.


PSHE: Lesson 4. Remember the workbook is available at the bottom of the site to fill in. We are doing this in school.


Have a lovely day.

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.

Friday 26th June


Good morning Year Six. We have made it to the end of yet another week. Time is going by too fast. Just 3 weeks left! Get thinking over the weekend as next week we are going to start to plan our memory boxes.


Today's plan is as follows:


Maths: Head over to Bitesize for the weekly challenge. We are doing this today in school.


English: Final activity on the 5 day unit of work. What did you think?


Something from film:

I would like you to watch the iconic friendships that have appeared in these films. What do they have in common? Using these as ideas I'd like you to pick a famous film (or book) friendship and illustrate this. Around the outside explain why this friendship is based on love.

Then have a go at creating your own characters who are friends. What would they be like? What would be their story? We did this yesterday in school. It was good fun!


Have a lovely weekend.


Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.

I miss you lots.

Mrs D-N

Week 8

Monday 15th June


Good Morning Year Six. I hope you had a lovely weekend. It was lovely weather wasn't it? I managed to see my best friend in the park for a catch-up. It was very lovely to see them again. I hope you are well rested and ready for another week ahead. Remember to email me your year book messages. I am starting to put the books together for you.


An outline for the day ahead:


Maths: Week 8 Whiterose Home learning. Watch the videos and complete the sheets attached. We are still following this at school as it is acting as good revision for high school.


English: Memories. Take this time to relfect on your time at St Mary's. What are some of your memories? Write some of these down and email me so they can feature in the school newsletter. Remember to proof read and edit as these will be published and need to make sense.


Music: We are going to complete one of these in school today. Follow the link and take a look for yourself. Let me know how you get on. I am sure Mrs Dyer will be keen to see what you end up doing.


Have a lovely day. Remember I am still here if you need anything. Keep up with some daily exercise and reading too. It doesn't have to be a book. There are many ways in which you can be doing some daily reading.

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.

Mrs D-N


Tuesday 16th June


Good morning Year Six. What a change in the weather? I must say we were wilting a little yesterday during PE. I hope if you are going outside you manage to stay cool and wear a hat and sun cream.

I'm looking forward to organising a virtual zoom with everyone as part of our leavers assembly. I hope you will be able to make it. I will be contacting your grownups about it soon.

Thank you to those of you that have emailed Year book messages. I am just waiting for a few more before I can start putting them together this weekend. Do check-in with your friends to make sure they have managed to write a message. Mrs D-N will get her creative hat into gear.


Today's plan (if you choose to follow it) is as follows:


Maths: Week 8 Whiterose home learning. Watch the video then complete the attached sheets. We have nearly come to the end of Algebra... It wasn't too bad... Was it?!


English: Think about what heroic achievements mean to you.  Is there a person or a thing that you would consider capable of heroic achievements?  Make notes of someone or something and what they do that is heroic.

Oxford Living dictionary’s definition of hero:

As we are going to do in school, I would like you to think about this person or thing that is heroic or could be. Then think about three aspects or qualities of that person/thing that will help them to be heroic. Use these ideas to write a 3 poem saga about them. This poem can tell the story of them and their build-up to their heroic act/event. Decorate this poem accordingly. I'd love to have a read if you want to send them my way.


Geography: Read through the PDF presentation. Complete the table of comparison. In school, we are then going to draw an image to compare where we live to one of these places. You could do this too if you want too! The wordsearch is also optional.


Have a lovely day guys!

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.


Wednesday 17th June


Good morning Year Six. How are you today? I am feeling a little tired today. All of this warm weather is making me sleepy! Hopefully I won't fall asleep at school... Although I am not sure that is likely!

Stay in touch, and remember those year books messages. They need to be in by Friday at the latest. If not your page will be blank apart from the passport sized photo I have of you! 


Plan for today if you choose to follow it is as follows:


Maths: Week 8 Lesson 3. Watch the video and complete the sheets. We have moved away from algebra... onto converting... I don't know whether this is a good idea or not!


English: Comprehension today. Read the text and answer the questions. No peeking at the answers! Unless you are REALLY stuck.


Computing: Lesson 2 today. Work your way through the PowerPoint and check out the links in the notes section below the slides. Complete the index but for 5 things in your house not in the classroom.

Have a great day my lovelies!

I miss you lots and lots.

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.

Mrs D-N 


Thursday 18th June


Good morning Year Six. How are you doing? We are starting to collect boxes and memories for building our memory boxes. I hope you will join us (from home) in making yours. More details will follow in a few weeks. I am sure tired at the moment. I think I am more tired with 9 children than I am with all 29! Missing the bunch of you altogether.


Today's plan is as follows if you wish to follow it:


Maths: White Rose Week 8 Lesson 4. Converting was fun yesterday... It felt like I was transported back a few months to the lessons we had on it! Good use of the arrows though.


English:We started this before lockdown. Editing. Have a go at the editing as you go prove me wrong task. This is an important skill to develop now and as you get older.


R.E: Sikhism

Watch the Video clip:

Introduce ‘Sewa’ this means helping others. This can mean giving money or giving time. It can be caring for people who are ill, cleaning the Gurdwara etc. Watch the other clips below. 

Who was being helped? Why were they helping them? Is helping people a good way of Sikhs showing commitment to God? Sewa in Action

Activity 1: Sort the 21 actions (separate sheet) into the three areas of showing sewa in action. Discuss your reasons for sorting these.

Link to your own beliefs and ideas.

Activity 2: Write a paragraph sharing their learning and links to what they think and believe.

Activity 3: Create a visual image of sewa in action.


Have a good day Year 6.

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.

Mrs D-N



Friday 19th June


Good morning Year Six. We have nearly made it to the end of another week. How does this keep happening so fast? I thought it was a rather strange day yesterday, the weather just wouldn't make up its mind! We had fun with tennis through the hoop yesterday... See the pictures.


Plan for today before you are free for the weekend is as follows:


Try out the weekly maths challenge. What do you think?


English: Let us revise the Year 5 and 6 Spellings today. I have attached a range of wordsearches and crosswords that link with these spellings. How well can you complete the crossword... I am not very good at them myself but still find them fun to complete!


PSHE: Complete the 3rd Lesson for Transition.


Have a lovely weekend Year Six.

Missing you lots.

Mrs D-N

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.

Week 7

Monday 8th June


Good morning Year Six. I hope you had a lovely weekend. It was a little chilly and wet wasn't it? Can you believe we are about to begin Week 7? Where has the time gone? I hope those of you at home are managing to keep busy and active. We are having more outside time at school to keep our energy levels up.

I emailed your parents yesterday asking for you to write a piece for your leavers book. If you can write a little message to the class and maybe something for them to remember you by that would be lovely. Email them to the school and I shall stick them in the book. I am asking the teachers too so you should have a lovely little keep sake waiting for you at the end of July.


Today's outline for the day is as follows:

Maths: Whiterose Week 7. Watch the video as usual. Sheets are attached below. This week is Algebra. We touched on this a little just before lockdown. Any issues with any of the maths this week do contact me to ask about it.

English: Read through the attached poem. What did you see in your mind as you read the poem? How did you feel? What did you like? Dislike? What questions do you have?

Re-read the poem. This time think about the colours and pictures you see in your mind as the poem is read.  Draw a significant image that you see as the poem is read. This may be a drawing of something specific based on language in the text, such as the street lights, the lane, a car, owl or fox eyes, stars or space, or more abstract shapes and colours that you feel the poem represents. Practise reading  and performing the poem aloud. Can you perform it to someone else in your house?

Science: Another E-Bug session. This time about hand and food hygiene. Follow the link for interactive ideas about this.

  • Complete the hand hygiene quiz and discuss. Think about a poster for handwashing and how to best wash your hands.
  • Can you circle 9 things that the students in this cookery class should not be doing and why? Look at the picture and discuss these things.
  • Complete how clean was your sandwich? sheet. This shows the impact of the slightest touch of something ‘chicken’ without washing your hands and then cross contaminating.

Have a good day Year Six.

Stay in touch. I miss you all lots.

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.

Mrs D-N


Tuesday 9th June


Good morning Year Six. I hope you had a good day yesterday. How did your poem performances go? We had good fun with ours at school. Check out the photos of us doing ours in the gallery above. I have had a few Year book messages in. Remember to email them to the school admin adddress. If you know your friends don't read the class page maybe you could send them a message for me? I know most of you are in contact.


An outline for today (if you choose to follow it) is as follows:

Maths: WhiteRose maths. Watch the video and then complete the attached sheets. We found the algebra tricky at the end of the questions yesterday. How did you feel?



Watch the video above. What do you think about this environment? What would it be like to live here?


Now we are going to think about a creature that lives in a similar environment to this. Whilst watching this next video take notes using words, phrases or even questions about what you are watching.


Now, read the poem ‘The Abyss’. How does this poem make you feel about the environment and creature you have seen in the films? What language evokes these feelings in you?

Pick out key poetic features. (Remind yourselves of the figurative language features from last week.) Label the poem and create an image to go alongside this.


Geography: Read through the attached PowerPoint. Complete the map to show key American countries and their capital cities. This begins our new geography topic on the Americas.


Have a good day Year Six. Keep in touch.

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.

Mrs D-N

Wednesday 10th June


Good morning Year Six. I was glad to see the sunshine again yesterday. It was at times still a little chilly. Are you managing to get outside much? What activities are you managing to do? We have settled quite nicely into a new routine at school. I miss seeing you all in one place though.

An outline for the day is as follows:


Maths: White rose hub video with the sheets attached below.

English: Reading comprehension today - this is the one we are doing in school. Answers are attached but try to not look before you do the questions!

Computing: This begins our new computing unit... You can be computing even without a computer (obviously not including now and looking at the PowerPoint.) Work your way through the PowerPoint. We are also starting this today in school too.

Have a lovely day. Please keep in touch.

Missing you lots.

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.

Mrs D-N

Thursday 11th June


Good morning Year Six. How are you today? I am finding it hard getting up in the morning at the moment with the soggy, dark weather. Hoping it will dry out soon! Have you been up to anything interesting? As it was a little wet yesterday we did a cosmic minecraft exercise... It was very funny to watch and lots of giggles were had. Have you found any fun exercises to do?


A plan for today is as follows:

Maths: Lesson 4. We are working really hard on the algebra this week- lots of great thinking going on!

English: Time for a little SPAG quiz. How did you get on?

R.E: New topic. Vocations.

Think of the word commitment. What do you think it means?

Whatever you do in life, you need commitment to do it well. Think about some of the jobs people do, some paid and some voluntary.

1st Activity: Add to and complete the job chart.

Questions to think about:

  1. Why do you think people choose to do these jobs?
  2. Does every job need the same level of commitment?
  3. Why do you think people are committed and what makes a person committed?
  4. What do you think would happen if someone was doing one of these jobs and was not committed to it?
  5. How do people show commitment to serve others in the jobs they do?
  6. What are you committed to and in what ways?
  7. How does it feel to be committed?

2nd activity: Make an advert for one of these jobs and in it, specify what qualities the applicant should have and what they should be prepared to commit to.

Please stay in touch.

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.

Mrs D-N


Friday 12th June


Good morning Year Six. We have nearly made it to the end of another week of home learning. I hope you have had a good week. What else have you been up to? We got competitive yesterday at school and had a bubble off against the other bubble. We did a range of sporting activities and competed against each other. It was very close!

Plan for today just before the weekend is as follows:

Maths: Whiterose has posted its Friday challenge. This week it is football themed! Follow the link to find out more!

English: Complete this week's Bitesize bookclub.

PSHE:Complete lesson 2. Use the booklet from last week to complete some of the activities.

Some really important messages to think about. Do you have a fixed mindset? In what cases is this true?

Have a lovely weekend.

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.

Week 6

Good morning Year Six. I hope you had a lovely half-term and got to enjoy the sunshine. I had lots of time in my garden reading and having cat cuddles.

So I am looking forward to getting back to school this week, for those of you I won't see please keep your emails coming in - I love hearing about what you have been up to. Please rest assured I will get back to you but my reply may take a little longer than it has done.

Plan for today is as follows:

Maths: White rose Week 6. As usual watch the video and complete the attached sheet.

English: Complete the attached comprehension.

Computing: What makes a good computer game? Follow the link and complete the mini tasks.

Have a lovely day Year Six. Remember to get in your daily exercise and do omething you enjoy too.

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.

Tuesday 2nd June


Good morning Year Six. How are you this morning? Did you enjoy your day of homelearning? Remember my daily posts are only some ideas of what you could be doing. BBC bitesize and the Oak National Academy are providing some great ideas and lessons. 

Remember to get some daily exercise in, a little reading and something fun for you to unwind with.

I am really looking forward to seeing those of you that are in my bubble. The rest of you please stay in touch as I will still be thinking of you all and missing you as I am now.

An outline for today is as follows:

Maths: Whiterose Week 6 Lesson 2. Sheets attached.

English: Read this newsround clip. Research this event in more detail and create your own written report. This could be just a paragraph or a whole article. There may be videos online showing the launch.  Have fun.

Music: Follow the link below.

What music can you compose? What is the most interesting object you have tried?

You may not be able to record and or edit. That is Ok. You have had fun experimenting... Right?!

Have a lovely day... I'll see some of you tomorrow.

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.

Mrs D-N :D



Wednesday 3rd June


Good Morning Year Six. I hope you had a lovely day yesterday. I was in school preparing our classroom for some of the Year Sixes returning. It felt a bit strange but also good to be back in our room. With regards to work from now on, I will try to post things in-line with what we are doing at school. Sometimes that won't be possible, which I hope you understand.


Today's plan is as follows.


Maths: White Rose Hub Week 6 Lesson 3 please. Sheets are attached.


PSHE/Science: We will be looking at the microbes lessons in school today. We won't be able to do the practical tasks but you might be able to. Follow the link and check out the activity information on the site.


Art: Observational drawing. Think about techniques you have learnt over the years. If you get an A4 piece of paper and cut a hole in it- this could act as your lense to focus on the finer details. Think carefully about shading and light- is there a spot where the light is reflecting so it leaves a slight glow on your object? How would you portray this in a sketch?


Have a lovely day. I miss you all lots. It is going to be VERY odd without a room full... Maybe it will be less noisy..? I will have to wait and see :)


Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.

Thursday 4th June


Good Morning Year Six. What did you get up to yesterday? I went home TIRED as anything after a day in school. I am hoping those in school said hello from me to you as I did ask :)

I will be posting some pictures on the page of what we have been doing in school if you want to take a look. Keep your pictures coming in too so we can all keep in contact. The blue, St Mary's leaver book has arrived! I am coming up with a cunning plan so we all contribute to a book and I can put them together so everyone can have one at some point. Even if I have to post it. Watch this space for more details.

Today's plan is as follows:

Maths: WRH Week 6 Lesson 4.

English: Instructions.

Think about a game you play. How does anyone know how to play this game? I would like you write a set of instructions for this game. You might, if you are feeling creative want to design a new game!  Things to think about: Instructional writing features. Imperatives, clear layout- bullet points/numbers, headings, and subheadings. Opening paragraph to explain the game in a catchy way. (View the PowerPoint for ideas) We are doing this in school today too based on PE games we made up yesterday.

Geography- Fossil Fuels and Renewable energy.

What do you know already? Follow this link to find out more. 

Complete the suggested activities- we are doing this in school today too!

Have a wonderful day Year Six.

Missing you more now I have some of you back.

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.

Friday 5th June


Good morning Year Six, I hope you have had a good week. It was a little cold yesterday but that didn't stop us at school getting outside for the afternoon. Check out the images in the gallery. It is nearly the weekend. Do you have anything nice planned?


Here is a plan for today if you choose to do this then fantastic! If you have other ideas - I'd love to know what you are doing instead even if doesn't seem like much to you.


Maths: The weekly challenge has arrived on the whiterose website. I have also attached a summary of questions linked to this week if you would like more practise.


English: Recap what you know about figurative language. Look at the attached posters for more information. Using  some of these writing conventions I would like you to write a poem/ rap about the environment. Remember that doesn't just mean nature. Think about your living environment, the school environment etc. Send me some examples of what you come up with!


PSHE: Transition. I have attached a 10 session transition booklet. We will be working through this weekly and it comes with a PowerPoint too. I'd like you to do session 1 today please.


Have a lovely weekend.


Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.


Week 5

Monday 18th May


Good morning Year Six. Did you have a good weekend? Wasn't the weather gorgeous yesterday? I had a lovely BBQ in my garden and built a fire. I have definitely earned my fire badge during lockdown.

Welcome to your final week of Summer term 1. We will continue to explore a range of topics as we would have been doing in school: daily exercise and reading is a good idea too. Remember you can be doing some of your own learning too. What have you always wanted to learn about? I'd love to hear about it.


Maths: Lesson 1 White Rose. Watch the video and then complete the activities I have attached. Again this is revision, building on those skills ready for Year 7.


English: Let us start the week with a little SPAG. Read through the PowerPoint. Practise the spellings and your handwriting. Complete the wordsearch. I shall be posting a dictation for someone to read to you so you can check these spellings on Friday.  



Follow this link to a daily bitesize lesson from last week. I have watched and listened and found it quite useful for me! Take photos of your creations and let me have a look.


Here's to a sunny, happy day.

Have a lovely day. Stay in touch. I do love hearing from you and your grownups.


Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.


I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Mrs D-N

Tuesday 19th May


Good morning Year 6, I hope you had a lovely day yesterday.

My mother-in- law ended up telling me about a Year 4 maths problem she had encountered on the internet involving compound area and perimeter. Do you remember our struggles with this? It is really hard to visualise.

Anyway I had great fun drawing on the diagram and having a go... It really felt like I was back in the classroom. I really do miss seeing you all everyday and (hopefully) imparting some knowledge onto you. Hopefully soon enough we can be together when it is safe.

Today's plan of action is as follows:

Maths: Lesson 2 White Rose. Watch the video and then complete the activities I have attached. Again, this should be acting as revision. If there is anything you don't understand and you have a question about, please email me.

English: I think some reading is in order today. Please read the attached comprehension. It has a musical theme today. 

Music: I have been listening to a WIDE variety of music during lockdown. From classical to 70’s pop! There are some FANTASTIC songs and tunes in the world... Have a read of the PowerPoint: History of Music: The modern musical period.

Have a go at the small activities if you want.

Have a good day Year Six.

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.

Speak to you tomorrow,

Mrs D-N


Wednesday 20th May


Good morning Year 6,

How are you doing this morning? I heard rumours that it was going to be the hottest day of the year so far... We will have to keep an eye on that thermometer... It was wonderful to have some emails in my inbox yesterday so thank you for that. I said hello to the classroom yesterday... it was looking a little sad without us inside... Although definitely tidier... I may have also broken the door a little... ooops...

Plan for the day, if you decide to follow it is:

Maths: Lesson 3 White Rose. Watch the video and then complete the activities I have attached.

English: I would like you to complete a 10-minute write using the 6 words below.

Before you start, if you need to check the meaning of any of the words, I would do this so you can fit the word to an appropriate context.

The last time in class we did this I seem to recall some fantastic, creative writing… And Peppa Pig!

The words to include are as follows: daunting, elated, aimable, yield, zephyr, shambolically.  

Geography: Read all about Natural resources and complete the activities suggested underneath the information. There is a video with Sue who taught us all about contour lines and cake if you remember?!

Have a lovely day Year Six.

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.

Mrs D-N

Thursday 21st May


Good morning Year Six, did you manage to get out and about in the sunshine? I went for a long walk and just marvelled at the delights around me. It made me feel very lucky.

So it is nearly the end of the week... Then HALF TERM. I won't be setting any work over this time. But I have heard that you are all finding different ways to occupy yourselves which is FANTASTIC.

Plan for today:

Maths: Lesson 4 White Rose. Watch the video and then complete the activities I have attached.

English: (Part of the RE lesson today) See below.

RE: I am learning to know how the Apostles changed when they received the Holy Spirit.

When you think of the Holy Spirit what images come to mind? What happens when google images searches for the holy spirit? Why is this?

Read RE page 1 as we would have in class. Pay attention to the poem.

Activity 1 (Also English activity): Look at the headlines on p72. (Screen shot enclosed) What has happened here?

Today I would like you to write a poem or a short story called: ‘The Transforming Spirit’

In this you may want to refer to these points:

  • Ideas from the poem on the previous page. (see screenshot)
  • How were the first followers of Jesus changed by the Holy Spirit?
  • Show how this same Spirit can change and transform lives today.

Activity 2: Design a screen saver/background to remind yourself of the Holy Spirit. What would it look like? What words would it have on it? Use colour and symbols carefully.

I'd love to see what you come up with.

Have a lovely day Year Six. Missing you lots.

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.

Talk to you tomorrow,

Mrs D-N

Friday 22nd May


Wow and just like that the half term is nearly over! I hope you have had a good half term and found something useful from the activity ideas I have been posting. Remember, that as long as you are happy and safe that is really all that matters to me.

The plan for today is as follows:

Maths: Lesson 5 White Rose. It is challenge Friday once more. A little fun for all the family. Be sure to read the instructions. Some of the challenges are harder than you might expect! 

English: I think we shall end the week as we started, with some SPAG. Remember this is revision and you may feel noticeably confident about this already. It is always good to keep things fresh in our minds though.

Focus: Hyphens.
Read and watch the information from the above link.

Activity 1: Correct the sentences to include where hyphens should be.

Activity 2: Write a brief passage containing 10 or more hyphenated words.

Spellings: Complete your spelling test using the dictation.

PSHE: Plastics. Something I have been VERY mindful of during the lockdown is the use of plastic around me. Read through the PowerPoint and complete the tasks as suggested.

Have a WONDERFUL half term.

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.

I will talk you again on June 1st.

Mrs D-N

Week 4

Monday 11th May

Good Morning Year 6,

I hope you had a good weekend remembering VE Day.

What a strange time this is... In case you were not aware... This week would have been your SATs week. I want you all to know, that you were more than ready for this when we had to close and I have no doubt in my mind that you will be more than OK at secondary school. I am REALLY hoping to see you before that though!

As it would have been SATs week I have some related tasks to do...

Today then is as follows:

English: Silly SATs SPAG

Maths: Multiplying Fractions.

Creative: The Art of Being 2m Apart. This is a competition being run in Suffolk. You do not need to formally enter but I thought it was a lovely activity for us to have a go at. I would love to see what you have come up with. Let me know too if you decide to enter 😊

I hope you are all well and happy. Keep emailing me so I know how you are- it makes me smile everytime I hear a ping of my email and see it is from one of you.

Missing you lots.

Stay safe. Stay happy. Stay kind.

Mrs D-N

Tuesday 12th May


Good morning Year 6,

I hope you had a good day yesterday. It was a little chilly. Brrrr. I decided to stay inside in the warm (I was a little worried I would get blown away!)

I hope you didn't think the spellings yesterday were too strange... It was meant as a joke. :)

Outline for the day is as follows:

Maths: Lesson 2. Activity attached below. Revision about fractions- this will be built on at secondary school so it is always good to go back to.

English: Silly SATs Reading. Enjoy! Again my attempt at some silliness. 

Geography: Landmarks P2-3. Have you visited any interesting landmarks? Pop them on the map too. I'd love to hear about this.

Have a good day Year 6,

I really do miss you all. I hope we can get back together when it is safe to do so.

Stay Safe. Stay happy. Stay kind.

If you want to get in touch, even to say hi, please email me at

I would LOVE to hear from you.

Mrs D-N

Wednesday 13th May


Good morning Year 6,

Today is National Numeracy Day (yay!) As you can imagine, this pleases Mrs D-N with my love of numbers and figures. I have attached some 'extra' activities incase you had an urge to have a go at some more maths.

I hope you are all well and are being kind to your familes and friends (for example via social media). There are no 'silly' activities today... Maybe tomorrow...

Today's plan is as follows:

Maths:  Lesson 3 White Rose. (Activity attached)

Reading: Migrant Crisis in the Mediterranean p5-9 on your Geography Document from yesterday.

Science: Read through the Adaptations PowerPoint.

Warm up: Sorting the cards.

Activity: Choose an environment and research the plants and animals that live there. Use the PowerPoint to help you. Can you identify adaptive traits for each living thing?

Have a GREAT day Year 6: I hope to see you soon.

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.

Thursday 14th May


Good morning Year Six. It is nearly the end of another week. Can you believe it? I really feel like time is going by quickly. I hope you are all having a good week. I am going to share a game with you I have been playing. Hopefully you can have some fun with it. Let me know how you get on! 

Today's plan is as follows:

Maths: Silly SATs Reasoning. See attached PowerPoint.

English: Someone you admire. Who is someone you admire? Why do you admire them so much? Create a poster about the person you admire stating their qualities and a description of what they do that makes you admire them so much.

Game: Scattagories Quiz.

RE: I am learning that the Apostles were people with strengths and weaknesses just like us.

Watch this clip. What is the clip showing?

What knowledge can we gain of Peter’s character from this clip?

Research one of the disciples who became great men for God.

Key Scripture: John 20:24-25; Matthew 26: 69-75; Mark 10:35-39

Write a report showing how the strengths and weaknesses of the disciples reveal they are ordinary people. Draw conclusions about what this can teach us.


Have a lovely day, I will check in tomorrow for the final day of the week.

Missing you lots.

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.

Mrs D-N


Friday 14th May


Good morning Year Six, how are you doing today?

 Well it is the end of another week! Next week is the last week of this half term. The time really has flown by. I am currently taking part in the 7 days 7 books challenge, where you post books that you have enjoyed in your lifetime. What would your 7 books be? Could you name them all? So far, I have Matilda (Roald Dahl), Little Women (Louisa May Alcott), The Twins at St Clare’s (Enid Blyton series) and The Island on my list.

Anyway, I should stop rambling on now…

The plan for today is as follows:

Maths: Maths WRH Lesson 4. See attached sheet.

English: We would have been watching a film and eating popcorn today… With that in mind watch a film and create a short review about it. Can you send me any recommendations of what to watch next? It might not be a film but a video or programme. 

PSHE: Our Special People Lesson 1. Read through and work through the PowerPoint. Complete activity 1. Do you have any comments about this?

Now, go and enjoy the weekend. I hope you have been able to get your daily bursts of exercise this week. I have not explicitly mentioned this, but you do not need me to suggest this, do you? 😊

Have a lovely weekend, talk to you again Monday!

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Kind.

Mrs D-N

Week 3


Monday 4th May


Good morning Year 6, I hope you had a good weekend. It is my turn to be in school this week. It sure is strange without you. I will go down the outside corridor and say hi to the classroom and think about the time when we can all be together again! (Soon I hope)

Here is the outline for today:


Maths: Complete the daily 5 Arithmetic Questions. What are you feeling confident doing? Are there any questions you want to do more on? Follow this up by marking a child's attempt at calculating with decimals.

English: Watch this video clip

Activitiy: Use description to alter the setting, for example, he could go into  the factory – it could be an amazing place like Willy Wonka’s factory or it  could be a sinister place. Analyse  how the descriptions would differ.

Art: As it is VE day on Friday I would like you to design a teacup that could be used to toast to the memory of this. Use the attached sheet or a blank piece of paper.


Have a good day and...



Picture 1

Tuesday 5th May


Good morning Year 6,

I hope you had a good day yesterday. I was in school and completed the teacup activity with the children that were in. Reception children are very different to you! Did anyone come up with any lovely designs? I'd love to see!

Remember these activities are a guided suggestion. At the moment what is most crucial is that you are managing to stay happy and healthy. Not just physically. Your mental health is really inportant. If you want to catch- up I'd love to get an email from you. Just let me know how you are doing. Daily exercise is great and even to snuggle up with a book to have a little calm.

Here is an outline for today:


Maths: Day 2 of Fluent in 5.

I sure do love Ice Cream! Does anyone else? What is your favourite flavour? I love Mint choc chip and Coffee flavours the best. Although, as I think about it, bubble-gum is genuinely nice too!  I am not rambling (well maybe a little)

The maths task today is double scoop combinations. How many can you make with the flavours given? 

English: Using the clip from yesterday  create a friend for the robot.  Draw or describe him. Give him a personality.

Geography: Fairtrade p3 and p5. You can read the information about it further in the booklet too if you would like.


Keep in touch, I do LOVE hearing from you.

Mrs D-N

Wednesday 6th May


Good morning Year 6, I hope you are well. It is lovely to be able to keep in touch with you to see how well you are getting on. I am VERY proud of you for how you are coping in these strange times. I'm back in school today... I wonder what I will get up to!

Your plan for today is as follows:

Maths: Day 3 Fluent in 5. The Mystery of the Brilliant Breakfast. What is your go-to breakfast? Are there any interesting combinations that you want to tell me about? I have been enjoying Chocolate Weetabix with warm milk these last few weeks.

English: Write a diary entry for the robot focusing on the events in the film.

Reading: VE Day Comp.

Science: Inheritance.  

Read through the PowerPoint to get an understanding of this topic. When you get to slide 13 you will need to open the attached cards. Can you sort them into the two categories? Look at the answers on slide 14 to see if you were correct.

Main Activity: Take two Mr Men and Little Miss Characters. What would their offspring look like? What characteristics have they inherited? Which ones have they acquired? Draw out their offspring and add labels around the outside.

I am a little sad not to be doing this activity with you. I have done this twice before and it has always been a lot of fun. If you come up with a new offspring, please email them to me to have a look at!

Missing you all.

Stay safe and happy.

Mrs D-N


Thursday 7th May


Good morning Year 6, I hope you are all well. I had a busy day yesterday at school. It got a little messy... Do you remember our room at its worst? Yep... messy! Today is the last day of the week for a structured 3 activities. Tomorrow is a special day. Do you know what is special about tomorrow?

Yes that's right _____ it is VE day. Housepoint for you! So I will be checking in with you tomorrow with some suggestions of how you can mark the day. I am sure you may already have some ideas anyway :).


So the plan for today is as follows:


Maths:  Day 5 of Fluent in 5. Could you create a fraction poster as part of revision to brush off the cobwebs? What can you remember? Can you teach your grown up or sibling about fractions using your poster? You can even set me some questions to answer.

English: Write a letter from the robot to his long-lost family. You are ALL fabulous at writing emotively so think carefully about this. Remember: paragrphs and varying your sentence openers so it isn't too repetitive.

Art: In school yesterday, we made masks. (I am hoping my computing skills will have attached a copy in the docs of what we were aiming for... FINGERS CROSSED!)

Could you do something similar? Could you draw it if you cannot make it?

These reminded me a little of the artist Pablo Picasso and a movement called cubism. A little about his life and works can be found here:

Have a lovely day. As usual stay safe and happy and REMEMBER to be kind and sensible.

Mrs D-N


07.05.20 1
07.05.20 2

Friday 8th May


Happy Bank Holiday. Today we celebrate VE Day. It is the 75th Anniversary.

Today I would like you to take the time to remember.

How are you marking the day in your house? Will you do some cooking/baking? Could you research into the lives of some of our war veterans? Could you make some bunting to hang in your window?

Here are a few useful links and sources of information for you to look at.

Activity Ideas

Bunting Activity led by the BBC

The BBC have launched a campaign to make and display our own bunting in the absence of the planned VE day parties that are now sadly cancelled.

Video Clip

Have a lovely weekend. It has been lovely to hear from a lot of you this week. Keep in contact.

Next week would have been SATs week... So look out for some unusual activities ahead.

Stay safe. Stay happy. Stay kind.

Mrs D-N

Week 2

Monday 27th April

Hello Year 6, I hope you have had a lovely weekend. I have spent some wonderful time reading in the garden. Both reading for pleasure and reading a teacher book all about maths!

It was so wonderful to hear from some of you last week. Keep sending emails and any pictures to school admin account I would love to hear about how more of you are getting on.


Just a reminder that the tasks posted are a guidance. Your well being and health are the most important thing to think about at this time. Some people will be enjoying the structure and things to to do. Others of you will be finding it strange and will be 'learning' in all sorts of new ways.

An outline for today is as follows:


English: I'd like you to write a poem/rap/song about your life at the moment in these strange times. If you want to share them please do. Think about the style you want to adapt and fitting language to support this. Try to think carefully about this as I know you love to rhyme but does it actually work? Does the tone fit how you are really feeling?

Art: To go alongside your poem, I'd like you create a picture that fits the mood of this. Think carefully about colour choices as many colours represent feelings well.


Remember to have some down time and exercise for the day.

Hearing from some of you last week, really made my week - so thank you :)

Stay safe. Stay happy.

Mrs D-N

Tuesday 28th April


Good morning Year 6. I hope you had a good day yesterday. I thought it was a little bit chilly after all of the fabulous weather we have had. I hope you have been able to stay in touch with your friends. I have had some rather funny video calls with mine. We ended up playing Scattergories which I lost. But now we are going to make it a weekly thing and the person from the week before who won has to make a crown to wear the next time. Hopefully I will get to make a crown...

Anyway todays programme looks like this:

Maths: WRH Lesson 2


You must be thinking, Mrs D-N has gone mad? Alas no. I have been doing this activity in Year 6 now for three years with some good outcomes! 

What I would like you to do is choose one of the videos to watch. Use the attached storyboard template to show how the story progressed. Use images and sentences. Add colour/shade your illustrations.

SPAG: Nouns/verbs into adjectives activity sheet.  

Geography: Complete the task: Locating Countries in South America ONLY today. Locate and label also the capital cities. (Page 3-4) Do you remember how to mark a capital city separately to other cities? Use the answers to check whether you were right.


I hope you have a good day. Remember your daily exercise and time to be kind to yourselves and others around you. Keep your emails coming in. I am loving being able to catch-up with you.

Mrs D-N

Wednesday 29th April


Good morning Year 6,

I hope you managed to stay warm and dry yesterday. I must admit I spent the day with a blanket around me!

I hope you and your grown ups are well. Remember I don't want to cause any stress or worry about work so take a look at what is on offer for the day and do what you can.

The plan for today is as follows:

Maths: WRH Lesson 3

English: Choose an animal you like. Think carefully about this animal. If you were to make it talk and be a part of a story what would its character be like? Draw your chosen animal and around the outside gather words and phrases to describe your animal. Your animal is going to feature in its own How the ____ got its________ so you might want to think about this when planning your animal.  

Reading: Pixl Comprehension: Darwin. Set A Questions.

Science: Starter: List as many light sources as you can in one-minute.

Main: Using the animal you have chosen for your story, and the top trump outline fill in details for this. When we come back together, we can play with our made cards.


I look forward to hearing about what animals you choose. I wonder if we will have any duplicates? Who will end up with an animal I have never heard of?


Stay safe. Stay happy. Stay warm!

Mrs D-N

Thursday 30th April


Good Morning Year 6, I hope you had a good day yesterday. I cannot believe it is the last day in April already. Thank you for all of you that have been in touch lately. Keep your emails and pictures coming in.

Plan for today is as follows:


Maths: Lesson 4 on the White Rose website.

English: Plan your story. Think about a map, story board or a paragraph plan.

Begin your story with the opening. Think carefully about setting the scene – we are looking for rich description. Dialogue needs to be punctuated accurately. New speaker, new line. Punctuation within the speech. All of the amazing conventions of writing that you know so well. 

SPAG: Inverted commas task sheet.

Geography: Complete the comparison of Brazil to the UK. What interesting geographical features are you going to compare? (Page 6)

Have a good day. I do hope it warms up again soon!

Stay safe and happy.

I miss you all so very much!

Mrs D-N

Friday 1st May


Here we are at the end of another week and the start of a new month. Here's to a positive, productive May. Lovely to hear from so many families. Please stay safe and look after each other. Here are some activities to try before the weekend. 

Maths: WRH Problem Solving challenges.

English: Carry on with stories. Edit as you go. Share them with a friend, a relative or even me to get some feedback!

Computing: Design an App. In the world of things being in lockdown, what APP would you design? Why? Fill in this design sheet to share your ideas.  I would love to hear about what you have come up with. Who knows, one day…

Have a lovely weekend, I will talk to you again on Monday.

Mrs D-N



Week 1


Monday 20th April


Hello, Welcome back for Summer Term.

I hope you have managed to spend a good two weeks. Luckily, we have had some lovely weather. I hope you and your families are well.

I was in school last week and very much missed you all. It was very strange without you there to make me smile.

As before the Easter break, I will be posting some daily activities for you to have a go at. Remember if you get stuck, it is OK. Keep up with some reading and a little writing. Be kind to yourselves and to others around you. Remember, these are different times and we are all doing the best we can.

I must admit, I have been playing a lot of games and doing some quizzes... I am very competitive and it has been good to keep my brain in gear. Lets make sure to play some games when we see each other again.

So the tasks for today are as follows:

Maths: White Rose Lesson 1 Summer term Week 1 

English: Session 1: Explore It. Read the text and use the questions to explore the extract.

R.E: Apostles Unit: Lesson 1. Love is...

Let me know if you need anything further or just want to say hi.

Mrs D-N x

Tuesday 21st April


I hope you all had a good day yesterday and managed to have a look at some of the tasks. I had a busy day clearing out my garage and breaking up old furniture. I didn't realise how much fun you can have doing such a task! It is nowhere near as fun as teaching... I think my maths might be getting a bit rusty... Maybe you should send me some maths questions to try!

Tasks for today are as follows:

Maths: Session 2 WhiteRose. I know they had a little problem yesterday with their site. They say it is all OK now.

English: Session 2: Illustrate it. This was from the document I attached yesterday.

Geography: A little recap from some of the things we have done. The Hurricane section can be done today or tomorrow as a linked comprehension. 


Have a good day. Stay safe. Thinking of you.

Mrs D-N




Wednesday 22nd April


Good morning Year 6. I hope you had a good day yesterday and that you are keeping busy.

It is very strange not being able to see you and talk with you. I hope you are managing to keep in touch with your friends and family. I taught my mum how to video chat recently... she was amazed!

Tasks for today are as follows:

Maths: Lesson 3. I know this isn't new content. We had covered everything before we broke up so this is good revision to keep you ticking over and making you ready for Year 7. I will be starting problem and puzzle Fridays this week as something a little different. Remember to check out the maths page on the website for links to other websites.

English: Talk about it. Session 3 on the sheet from Monday.

Reading: Complete the Hurricane comprehension on the geography work if you didn't do that yesterday.

Science: To kick start our new topic please complete some research about Darwin. There are some headings to use to support your research.


Enjoy the day and make sure you are being kind to those around you. I miss you lots and lots.

Mrs D-N


Thursday 23rd April


Hello Year 6. I hope you have been getting along with the tasks OK. Do remember to get in some daily exercise and a little reading too if you can. I spent yesterday trying to think about what we can do once we are all together again. I've started a list if you want to email and add in some suggestions too.


Plan for today:


Maths: White Rose Lesson 4.

SPAG: Complete the quick-fire grammar questions. There are definitions provided to help you if you are struggling to remember some of the terminology.

English: Imagine It: Session 4 from the plan from Monday.

Music: Follow the link and watch the videos and read the information. I like the look of the 10 pieces mini films. Be sure to click on the link to have a look for yourselves. I have been listening to some classical music in the mornings: It has been quite relaxing and enjoyable.


Have a lovely day. Stay safe. Stay happy.

Mrs D-N



Friday 24th April


Good Morning Year 6, I hope you have enjoyed this week and have managed to set up a routine that suits you and your family for this new term.

I've found it has helped to keep myself a list and then take GREAT satisfaction when I can tick (cross) off my list.

Don't forget about your daily exercise. Have you also thought about Miss Mudd's Art Competition? I have some CRAZY, CRAZY ideas... I just need to make them work... I'll keep you posted and maybe even share my art picture :O.


Well here is the plan for today before the weekend comes:


Maths: Here are links to 3 different activities. Have a look at them all and see what you think. Record your thinking down - I would love to see what you can do and any questions/conjectures you can come up with.

Frogs Crossing:

Always, Sometimes or Never?

Maths Detective


English: 5. Create it. I would definitely choose savoury... (sheet from Monday)


P.S.H.E: Balance in our lives. Take a look at the attached sheet. What wonderful plans can you make? Email me some ideas for when we get back together if you want to.


Enjoy your day and have a lovely weekend. Stay safe. Be kind. Be happy.

Miss you.

Mrs D-N

Easter Weeks

Week 2

Monday 30th March


Good morning Year 6,

I hope you are ready to start the new week. Please make sure you are getting a daily burst of exercise in and are being kind to your family. What we can take from these times is the memories we are making with our loved ones.


Please see a plan below for today. I am also going to be adding an 'extras' section on the class page for you to dip in and out of if you so wish. There may be days where you feel like doing more!


Maths: Week 2 Lesson 1


English: There are 5 activities on the attached document. You might want to spread these out over the week or over a couple of days.


Geography: You have all become experts this term using maps and creating your own. Longitutde,  Latitude and contour lines seem so long ago! Please complete the activities in the pack over today and tomorrow. There are answers included. See how accurate you can be without looking.


Missing you lots.

Mrs D-N

Tuesday 31st March


Good morning Year 6,

It has been nice to hear from a few of you. I am glad many of you have established a routine.

Think about how you can be kind to one another whilst you are apart. Not seeing your friends must be really hard so make sure if you are sending messages to each other you are being your kind selves. This makes me think back to our P.S.H.E lesson about friendship and all of the kind things you said about each other and what you look for in a friend.

I'm finding it hard not seeing my friends but I am making sure I am checking in on them and trying to make them smile.

A rough plan for the day ahead:


Maths: Complete the whiterose hubs Week 2 Lesson 2. This may be new to a lot of you. Watch the video carefully and complete the worksheet that goes with the video.

SPAG: Complete the mixed Grammar Skills. There are two to complete with the answers attached on a separate sheet.

Geography: Continue with the work from yesterday. If you have completed this, I would love to see you create a fact file about a country of interest to you. Be sure to include key geographical information. Can you find its location and present using longitude and latitude? If you are doing this electronically, email me so I can see.


Remember you can stay in touch. Anything you want to send me I can post here on the page to share with everyone.


Stay safe, happy and always kind.

Mrs D-N

Wednesday 1st April

Good morning Year 6,

Try to find time today to do something you love. I'd love to hear about how you are doing. I'm finding time in the day to read and have cat snuggles which is lovely.

Maths: WhiteRose Week 2 Lesson 3.

Reading: Complete the attached comprehension about Georgia O’Keeffe. This would have been an artist we would have looked at. Watch this space for some tasks involving her work.

Science: I know we started this in class, but we didn’t get to plot our results. Follow my written instructions on the sheet and record your results on the graph outline. What are your findings? Write a short summary at the end.  This can link to your daily exercise! I would love to hear about the tasks you came up with.

Take care,

Mrs D-N

Thursday 2nd April


Good morning Year 6, I hope you had a good day yesterday. What a funny day for April Fools it was.

I was good and didn't pull any pranks. Instead I decided to do some baking... Plenty of time to practise new skills. Are you learning anything new at the moment? Picked up an old hobby again?

Plan for today:


Maths: White Rose Week 2 Lesson 4. I don't know about you but I am enjoying the videos but missing teaching you maths like CRAZY! Send me some maths work - I need to see some numbers again :D


English for today and tomorrow: Read the text. Look at the PowerPoint and complete the written task as described.  I would advise planning out today and writing up tomorrow.


P.S.H.E: Mindfulness.  Complete the activities on the sheet (the jar one is optional!). It would be great to see what your last activity has turned out like. I think I am going to get out some sharpies for mine.

Take care,

Mrs D-N

Friday 3rd April

Good morning Year 6,


What an end to your last Spring Term here at St Mary's. I hope you are all doing well. I won't be posting daily work over the 2 week Easter holidays. However, by Monday, I will have added some fun tasks and activities to keep you and your household occupied during this time.


Plan for the day ahead as follows:


Maths: White Rose Week 2 Lesson 5.

English: Writing up of your exercise plan for your adult. Proofread and edit. Share this with your adult. What do they think?

Art: Read through the Georgia O’Keeffe PowerPoint. Create your own still life drawing. Use the video tutorial for ideas. 

I think I will sit at my garden table and have a go at this one. Who can remember Mrs D-N's attempt at drawing? This is where I need your help!


Have a lovely day, remember to find some quiet time for yourself, some time to exercise and also to read.

Miss you more and more each day,

Mrs D-N



Week 1

Monday 23rd March


Good Morning Year 6,

Using the text provided for your reading comprehension, write a short review about the poem. What do you like? What don't you like? What could have been done differently? What rating do you give this poem?


Maths: please follow the link and watch the video. You should be able to download the resources to the right of the video.


Thank you, Mrs D-N

Tuesday 24th March


Good morning Year 6,

Please find the activities for today below.

SPAG: Please complete the attached grammar skills tests. Answers also provided.

Maths:  Using the link from yesterday complete Lesson 2.

Science: Using the website link provided, complete the worksheet investigating different meals and their ingredients. Use your daily meal or your favourite meal in the blank boxes provided.

Wednesday 25th March


Morning Year 6,


I hope you are all well. I found myself missing calling out your names for the register this morning.

I hope you are finding some time for some fresh air, whilst maintaining safe.


9am every weekday Joe Wicks is doing his live stream workout to follow if you want to get active. I had a go yesterday when I got home from school.


Please see below for the work for today:


D.T: Following on from our lesson looking at real-life boats, I would like you to design your own boat. List materials you would use to make it and how you would join the parts altogether. Maybe get your grown up to email me a picture of your final design?

Reading: Comprehension same text as Monday but set B questions. Can you improve your score?

Maths Lesson 3 on the whiterose hub site. (See Monday's link)


Thank you,

Mrs D-N

Thursday 26th March


Morning Year 6, I hope you are all well and keeping yourselves busy.


Todays tasks are as follows:


Maths: Lesson 4 from the Whiterose website. Continue to follow the link I posted on Monday.


SPAG: Having looked at our most recent assessment, a lot of us are still struggling to identify determiners. Please complete the attached document. Be sure to read the instructions to help you determine what a determiner is :).


R.E: This afternoon we would have visited the church to look at the Stations of The Cross. I'd like you to research about these. Then I'd like you pick a station that you can reflect upon. Why have you chosen this station to reflect upon? Think about thoughts and feelings of those of this time. You can either draw the station and record down these ideas or make it using any materials you have. We would have been making them from lollysticks, purple ribbon with a drawn medallion to show an image for the station. Sticks from outside could work too!


Do remember, you can get your grownups to email with how you are getting on and any pictures of anything you have done. I would love to see how you are doing.


Stay safe my lovely class. I am thinking of you and your families.


Mrs D-N


Friday 27th March

Good morning Year 6,

Nearly the weekend. I won’t be setting work again until Monday. Try to keep active and look after yourselves and those around you.

Tasks to be completed (if you can) are as follows:

Writing: Using the image below, write a short story. Remember to use elements of the Year 6 writing objectives (see doc) Proofread your story and check for key spelling errors and missing punctuation. As you would at school, edit this with a different colour pencil/pen. Read this story to someone else in your house or over the phone. What did they say about your story? Can you act upon their feedback?

Maths:  Lesson 5.

Science: using the website from Tuesday, design your own meal. Label it with which food groups you have used. Draw around a large plate so you won’t make too much food! Feel free to share any fun combinations.


Have a lovely weekend,

A strange week I know but I am proud of each and every one of you and miss you all so very much!

Mrs D-N

I saw her and then she was gone, I heard her whispering for me to follow. It only took me a few seconds for me to decide...  (Image curtesy of the literacy shed- image shed.) There are plenty of other images if you want inspiration to write some more!


Picture 1



Class Debating 

Amazing collaboration and debating skills shown. The future in politics!

Maths Investigating 

Working together to come up with the solution

Park Celebrations 




January Antics in Year 6

What is happening in Year 6 this term?

Homework Club


Please see the dates below for homework club this term. Homework will be set on a Friday and due back the following Thursday. Homework will focus on key revision and test skills.

For those children coming to the club, they will be given their homework on the Monday to start at the club.

Homework club will run from after school until 4:15pm. 

Monday 14th January

Monday 21st January

Monday 28th January

Monday 4th February

Monday 11th February

Monday 25th February

Monday 4th March

Monday 11th March

Monday 25th March

Monday 1st April

Monday 29th April

Learning French in Year 6


Year 6 will be speaking, writing and listening about asking for food and expressing opinions. They will also be learning how to get around town and ask for directions. They will be listening and speaking  playscripts to perform. We will also be studying and discussing Europe and our own diverse community. The children will assess one another and themselves using the 'Can do statements' from the Languages Ladder.


Year 6 Newsletter Autumn 1