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Welcome to Year 6 2019-2020.

Keep checking in on updates on what we have been getting up to in class. 


Home Learning Tasks

Week 2

Monday 30th March


Good morning Year 6,

I hope you are ready to start the new week. Please make sure you are getting a daily burst of exercise in and are being kind to your family. What we can take from these times is the memories we are making with our loved ones.


Please see a plan below for today. I am also going to be adding an 'extras' section on the class page for you to dip in and out of if you so wish. There may be days where you feel like doing more!


Maths: Week 2 Lesson 1


English: There are 5 activities on the attached document. You might want to spread these out over the week or over a couple of days.


Geography: You have all become experts this term using maps and creating your own. Longitutde,  Latitude and contour lines seem so long ago! Please complete the activities in the pack over today and tomorrow. There are answers included. See how accurate you can be without looking.


Missing you lots.

Mrs D-N

Tuesday 31st March


Good morning Year 6,

It has been nice to hear from a few of you. I am glad many of you have established a routine.

Think about how you can be kind to one another whilst you are apart. Not seeing your friends must be really hard so make sure if you are sending messages to each other you are being your kind selves. This makes me think back to our P.S.H.E lesson about friendship and all of the kind things you said about each other and what you look for in a friend.

I'm finding it hard not seeing my friends but I am making sure I am checking in on them and trying to make them smile.

A rough plan for the day ahead:


Maths: Complete the whiterose hubs Week 2 Lesson 2. This may be new to a lot of you. Watch the video carefully and complete the worksheet that goes with the video.

SPAG: Complete the mixed Grammar Skills. There are two to complete with the answers attached on a separate sheet.

Geography: Continue with the work from yesterday. If you have completed this, I would love to see you create a fact file about a country of interest to you. Be sure to include key geographical information. Can you find its location and present using longitude and latitude? If you are doing this electronically, email me so I can see.


Remember you can stay in touch. Anything you want to send me I can post here on the page to share with everyone.


Stay safe, happy and always kind.

Mrs D-N



Week 1

Monday 23rd March


Good Morning Year 6,

Using the text provided for your reading comprehension, write a short review about the poem. What do you like? What don't you like? What could have been done differently? What rating do you give this poem?


Maths: please follow the link and watch the video. You should be able to download the resources to the right of the video.


Thank you, Mrs D-N

Tuesday 24th March


Good morning Year 6,

Please find the activities for today below.

SPAG: Please complete the attached grammar skills tests. Answers also provided.

Maths:  Using the link from yesterday complete Lesson 2.

Science: Using the website link provided, complete the worksheet investigating different meals and their ingredients. Use your daily meal or your favourite meal in the blank boxes provided.

Wednesday 25th March


Morning Year 6,


I hope you are all well. I found myself missing calling out your names for the register this morning.

I hope you are finding some time for some fresh air, whilst maintaining safe.


9am every weekday Joe Wicks is doing his live stream workout to follow if you want to get active. I had a go yesterday when I got home from school.


Please see below for the work for today:


D.T: Following on from our lesson looking at real-life boats, I would like you to design your own boat. List materials you would use to make it and how you would join the parts altogether. Maybe get your grown up to email me a picture of your final design?

Reading: Comprehension same text as Monday but set B questions. Can you improve your score?

Maths Lesson 3 on the whiterose hub site. (See Monday's link)


Thank you,

Mrs D-N

Thursday 26th March


Morning Year 6, I hope you are all well and keeping yourselves busy.


Todays tasks are as follows:


Maths: Lesson 4 from the Whiterose website. Continue to follow the link I posted on Monday.


SPAG: Having looked at our most recent assessment, a lot of us are still struggling to identify determiners. Please complete the attached document. Be sure to read the instructions to help you determine what a determiner is :).


R.E: This afternoon we would have visited the church to look at the Stations of The Cross. I'd like you to research about these. Then I'd like you pick a station that you can reflect upon. Why have you chosen this station to reflect upon? Think about thoughts and feelings of those of this time. You can either draw the station and record down these ideas or make it using any materials you have. We would have been making them from lollysticks, purple ribbon with a drawn medallion to show an image for the station. Sticks from outside could work too!


Do remember, you can get your grownups to email with how you are getting on and any pictures of anything you have done. I would love to see how you are doing.


Stay safe my lovely class. I am thinking of you and your families.


Mrs D-N


Friday 27th March

Good morning Year 6,

Nearly the weekend. I won’t be setting work again until Monday. Try to keep active and look after yourselves and those around you.

Tasks to be completed (if you can) are as follows:

Writing: Using the image below, write a short story. Remember to use elements of the Year 6 writing objectives (see doc) Proofread your story and check for key spelling errors and missing punctuation. As you would at school, edit this with a different colour pencil/pen. Read this story to someone else in your house or over the phone. What did they say about your story? Can you act upon their feedback?

Maths:  Lesson 5.

Science: using the website from Tuesday, design your own meal. Label it with which food groups you have used. Draw around a large plate so you won’t make too much food! Feel free to share any fun combinations.


Have a lovely weekend,

A strange week I know but I am proud of each and every one of you and miss you all so very much!

Mrs D-N

I saw her and then she was gone, I heard her whispering for me to follow. It only took me a few seconds for me to decide...  (Image curtesy of the literacy shed- image shed.) There are plenty of other images if you want inspiration to write some more!


Picture 1

Mrs D-N's Book Recommendations



Class Debating 

Amazing collaboration and debating skills shown. The future in politics!

Maths Investigating 

Working together to come up with the solution

Park Celebrations 




January Antics in Year 6

What is happening in Year 6 this term?

Homework Club


Please see the dates below for homework club this term. Homework will be set on a Friday and due back the following Thursday. Homework will focus on key revision and test skills.

For those children coming to the club, they will be given their homework on the Monday to start at the club.

Homework club will run from after school until 4:15pm. 

Monday 14th January

Monday 21st January

Monday 28th January

Monday 4th February

Monday 11th February

Monday 25th February

Monday 4th March

Monday 11th March

Monday 25th March

Monday 1st April

Monday 29th April

Learning French in Year 6


Year 6 will be speaking, writing and listening about asking for food and expressing opinions. They will also be learning how to get around town and ask for directions. They will be listening and speaking  playscripts to perform. We will also be studying and discussing Europe and our own diverse community. The children will assess one another and themselves using the 'Can do statements' from the Languages Ladder.


Year 6 Newsletter Autumn 1