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St Mary's Catholic Primary School

St Mary's Catholic
Primary School

Our School Council

Welcome to the St Mary’s School Council 

Our School Council is a student body that works to make improvements to different areas of the school, including a focus on environmental sustainability.  

Our School Councillors are democratically elected at the start of each academic year and then work on the School Council for all of that year. Any children can put themselves forward to be part of the School Council.   

During the first School Council meeting the children devise a School Council Charter stating all of the responsibilities they will undertake to fulfil their roles effectively. 

The School Council then meets every 3 weeks to discuss issues within the school and to work on future projects. 

The School Councillors meet with their classes between meetings to discuss ideas, projects and issues and they then feedback to the rest of the School Council members during our meetings.   

Each term the School Council will complete an action plan of things they aim to work on and achieve by the end of that term.