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St Mary's Catholic Primary School

St Mary's Catholic
Primary School

Staying Safe

If you have any safeguarding concerns while the school is closed please email and Mrs Berry will contact you directly. Please be reassured that while the school maybe closed we are still here to support you and your family.

Appendix to ST Mary's Safeguarding Policy

At St Mary’s keeping the children safe while they learn is our top priority and we would like the school community to have a clear understanding about what we mean by staying safe.

Our Designated Safeguarding Lead is:

    Mrs J Berry - Head of School

Our Alternate Designated  Safeguarding Leads are:

   Mrs McGhee-Wallace - KS2 leader

   Mr Cook - Class Teacher

Our Online Safety lead

Mr A Cook .

Our Safeguarding and Prevent Governor is:

   Mr E Bridger

Our Chair of Governors is:

   Mr K Reilly

Flowchart Information For Parents

'Early Help' describes the type of early intervention and support that can be provided when a child or young person's needs are not being met by routine comprehensive services, but do not meet the threshold for a specialist service such as Children's Social Care. The Early Help Offer is about working with external and internal partners to help children, young people and families deal with their issues as early as possible; providing information, advice and services at the right time; supporting them to resolve their concerns as needs emerge.

Key Information

If you would like to find out more please click on the thinkyouknow button and if you would like advice or to report a concern please click on the CEOP button.